Telefonų remontas

Telefonų remontas

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Telefonų remontas

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Telefonų remontas

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Telefonų remontas

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Telefonų remontas

iLit is the trusted repair service for all mainstream smartphone devices. Our technicians undergo extensive training and examinations to becoming iSmash qualified for smartphone repairs on all Apple, Samsung, SONY, HTC, Nokia & NEXUS handsets and devices.

Our smartphone repairs can include glass screen and LCD replacement, water damage diagnosis, headphone jack replacements, home button repair, battery upgrades, Camera replacements, rear housing and bodywork repair, audio issues, wifi and signal connectivity problems and many more.

If your device or repair type is not listed in our standard repair options, please submit your details through our device repair enquiry form where a dedicated member of our team will contact you shortly. Click Here

Nešiojamų ir stacionarių kompiuterių remontas | Mobiliųjų telefonų remontas | Planšetinių kompiuterių remontas

Išmaniųjų telefonų remontas

Remontuojame visų Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Nexus, HTC išmaniuosius telefonus.

Kompiuterių remontas

Remontuojame visus stacionarius ir nešiojamus kompiuterius.

Planšetinių kompiuterių remontas

Remontuojame visų Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Nexus, HTC išmaniuosius telefonus.

Kompiuterių, telefonų, jų dalių ir priedų pardavimas

Prekiaujame visa kompiuterine technika, mobiliaisiais telefonais, jų dalimis ir priedais.

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iLit specialises in offering a express repair service for smartphones, tablets and computers along with a wide range of mobile accessories and refurbished devices. Since launching in 2013, iSmash has grown to 15 locations across Greater London. We pride ourselves on offering a while you wait service powered by our highly skilled technicians on site at each of our locations.

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